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Term: minimum term 121 days, maximum term 183 days
Amount: 3,000 - 50,000 LKR
Interest rate: 30% per month (maximum 365%)
No hide or additional Fee
For overdue amount will be additional charging LPF
Subject to evaluation, the credit term can reach 3 months and more. The service charge is 1% per day (maximum APR 365%). The loan amount is from Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 50,000/. Example: The first-time borrower who took Rs. 5000/ to be repaid in 3 months must return Rs. 9500/- if he repays on repayment date. For additional information, look at terms & conditions on the last page of the application process.

In case of Overdue: Please be in touch with our operators to avoid many calls. We can help you find solutions to solve temporary repayment problems.
In Case you default loan payment, you will have a bad credit history and you may not be eligible for new loans in the future

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Quick Online Loans Sri Lanka – Your Best Way to Borrow

Every month you have your fixed basic expenses and bills, but sometimes you require QUICK CASH for extra activities and non budgeted work which requires INSTANT cash aid. Due to a busy schedule, you are usually pressed for time to collect the necessary documents and enjoy creamy personal loans from banks.

Need some cash? Need it fast while you are enjoying your cup of coffee? No problem, even if your credit score is low. You can apply for a one-day loan from your mobile and receive the needed amount within 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you may request the needed sum online without leaving the comfort of your home. Our online loan agency is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it has no limits or lunch breaks. All online payments and operations which involve your personal financial data are encrypted and protected so it is easy to apply on the Internet or with the help of a mobile phone, get approved, and receive a micro credit, a short term, payday, same day, one day, fixed deposit loan,or a loan without guarantor.

Online Loan: Pros

When it comes to money borrowing, most banks and even your acquaintances or friends can say NO to you for some reason. This does not solve your problem and you remain desperate striving to find the so much needed sum of money to cover certain expenses.

However, there is a solution to these kinds of problems. Actually, low-risk unsecured borrowings online with a low interest rate have lots of advantages:

  • Customer-oriented approach and service regardless of a loan amount;
  • 100% no credit online loan without strict demands;
  • Low interest rate;
  • Minimum of your personal information is required;
  • Opportunity to apply on the Internet or using your mobile phone;
  • Borrowing is approved even if your credit history is not good;
  • Approval in a short time;
  • No guarantor is needed.

Another advantage of a quick online loan is that you do not depend on high interest for a year or even more. You can pay off the amount on your nearest payday and not cut yourself short on unplanned purchases anymore.

Get an Online Loan in Sri Lanka to Solve Your Financial Problems

Are you still searching for short term loans but have a bad credit history? Then you should know it’s not easy to get a certain sum in a regular bank. They look at your bad credit history pretty seriously. That is why in case you have a bad credit history the only solution left is to get a loan from private companies online.

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you are:

  1. ✅ A citizen of Sri Lanka;
  2. ✅ Residing in Sri Lanka;
  3. ✅ If you are above 20 years old;
  4. ✅ Anyone with a national identity card can apply for our loan.

For the first loan you can obtain an amount between LKR 1,000 to LKR 10,000. There is no interest charge for the 1st time applicants.

Once you have applied for the online loan and its approved, within 5 minutes your money will be credited to your bank account provided in the application process.

Prior to applying for a loan you can check the full repayment amount of your loan through our loan calculator. The loan amount required for any repayment period needs to be selected according to your convenience, based on this a service charge and consultation fee will be charged. For first time applicants there is no service charge or consultation fees for a period of 10 days.

FastRupee was helpful at a hard time for me, when I had nowhere else to turn to. I am really grateful and thankful for the assistance they provided when I needed the most.
Ayoma Fernando
The application process was short and only a few steps which made it easy to finish the application in a short period of time. Loan also was processed and disbursed to my account on time.
Dilshani Peiris
This is my very first time I applied a loan online, I was truly amazed on how easy and fast it was.
Jayantha Kumara
I have used the loan service provided by Fastrupee many times. And they provide excellent service. Also I would like to thank the customer service team as they are very prompt and always supportive.
Dinsara Perera
This is the BEST loan service I've ever received compared to other loan services such as loan me. Fast rupee customer service is very clean and very genuine. They respect their customers. And they have amazing payment options discounts, their money is quickly deposited as well. I recommend this app to everyone who is in need of money. Good service. Not fraud at all. I recommend their service.
Sahani Rosemary
Thanks to the service Fast rupee. Helped in a critical situation - the service is top notch.
Rohitha Samankumara
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How to Get a Small Online Loan with Bad Credit History?

If you want to apply for cash loans for minor or major purchases, you will soon discover that with a poor credit rating, all banks will probably reject your loan application quickly. This is because the creditworthiness of an applicant serves as a prerequisite for loan approval. North American banks are awarded no credit without the necessary credit. However, you can also use a negative check to get a reputable score. It is possible for you to pay unexpected bills or make new important acquisitions thanks to such loans.

How Can You Get Loans with Bad Credit History?

Persons with a bad credit history can only get a loan without a previous query in the agency. Such a same day loan type is offered mainly by services with online lenders. Thus, people can quickly get a loan with a bad rating. Thanks to the large demand it is possible to find the right loan online for virtually any requirement. You need to be an adult and a valid national identity card, and that is pretty much everything you must have to get one of the easy installment loans online.

In general, you can get a loan without a credit check within a very short period of time if you use one of the online loan services. You can get authorized free of charge within few minutes and choose a schedule of timely payment – you can pay off the loan with minimal interest within a specified period in your contract. It’s up to you to decide.

Creditworthiness and score play no role in daily loan approval. Surely, if you have a good score, you will get more offers from online lenders and will be allowed to receive a bigger sum on your card. But even if you have a bad loan history, your first loan could go upto LKR 10,000. Such a deal is the best solution for applicants who have problems with banks and other financial institutions.

Prompt Cash Advance Loans for Dreams that Lack Some Funds

Convenient and prompt microfinance loans are now available both online and in official financial agencies. The process of receiving the needed sum is fast unlike borrowing from any bank. In cash on the spot or an agreed amount to your card– the procedure is simplified and optimized for your convenience.

Personal loan vs. Payday loan or cash advance loan
1-year term and more Short term starting from 10 days
Severe requirements Simplified procedure
Based on high credit rating Loans for bad credit ratings
Fixed interest rates First loan interest free
Instant loan approval

An online loan is a fast alternative to personal loans which also offers the first loan for interest free. When you require instant cash, it’s better to check general procedures of receiving an instant refinance loan:

  • Complete a short application form;
  • Review payment schedule and terms;
  • Sign an agreement if everything is clear;
  • Receive funds right away;
  • Payback amount and fee on a scheduled due date.

These instant loans help a large number of people worldwide every day to get the missing amount and in cases when unpredictable expenses occur. These loans are called unsecured, which means they are not secured with your property or belongings like home or car and have no guarantor.

There is only one serious caution regarding an online loan service. If they are becoming your regular borrowings, it shows you do have problems with income and cost balance. You’d better check your budget thoroughly or limit your dream purchases to like one per year. Be wise to borrow what you can definitely afford to repay on the due date!

Why Online Micro Credit Loans Services in Sri Lanka Are Your Way Out

There are hundreds of online loans merits, but the greatest advantage of this loan is a simple and quick scheme of receiving the needed amount. The thing that you need to do is just apply. Everything else will be done by a lender. There is no strict deadline when you need to pay off the funds, but you are free to choose the term of returning the money.

The option of getting loans is currently developing and improving, and today everyone has a chance of getting Sri Lanka loans online. So, you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home to get your funds because everything is done almost automatically. You just need to fill in a simple online form, and within a few hours, you will get the needed sum on your checking account.

The most important feature of a payday loan service is its fast receipt and availability in the most unpredictable situations. These peculiarities have increased the popularity of online loans if compared with similar crediting opportunities.

With the help of an online loan thousands of people managed to deal with hard financial situations, so don’t be afraid to resort to them. However, when taking an online loan, make sure you need it badly and will be able to repay it on the agreed term.

No Downtime

Benjamin Franklin’s famous phrase ‘Time is money’ is relevant as never before. Even if you are not a young tradesman to whom it was initially addressed, you value your precious time, and the last thing you want is to waste it for nothing. An online loan doesn’t waste a minute of yours and offers the fastest solution to obtain a small sum. How to get a fixed deposit loan? Usually, it takes a few minutes to proceed. Once the approval is received, which is normally done fast, the amount in full is transferred to your account.

No Stress

Nowadays the process of prompt borrowing has turned into one of the most demanding contemporary conveniences in all possible senses. You are free to find the most suitable time and take a loan online while working or being at any place with your mobile and Internet connection. In general, a stressful borrowing procedure has been improved for your ease and comfort. Borrowing doesn’t have to be stressful anymore! A convenient and easy online form, friendly interface, and round-the-clock support option reduce long and irritating finance procedures to the minimum.

No Denial

What is more important when it comes to an online loan is that you receive the requested sum without guarantor but with a 100% guarantee. Unfortunately, all banks worldwide treat an ordinary person with too precise interest. That’s why in order to receive a personal or also called installment loan one is obliged to go through a rather long and tiresome procedure of verification. Depending on your income level and credit history the bank decides either in your favor or not. An online loan Sri Lanka is guided by a more humane policy and is practically free from denials.

No Monthly Interest Rates

Personal consumer one day loan requires a monthly payment with strict fees for overdue even in case they are unsecured. The situation is more clear and stable with a fast online loan: when your scheduled due date comes, you return the borrowed finance and a fixed fee agreed in advance. Even if your fixed amount is a bit high, you pay it only once and forget about borrowing. You are not dependent on the loan for a year or even more. You don’t have to worry about high interest and remember about a monthly payment on a certain date.

Important Borrowing Note

The loan amount you borrow via LOAN SERVICE ONLINE in Sri Lanka is not a large amount. Be mindful about your borrowing amounts and the capability of paying it back. Note that fast financial aid is an emergency solution so do not turn it into a daily endeavor.