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Your Ultimate Guide to Personal Loans: What You Need To Learn Before You Apply!

If you’re anything like most people in Sri Lanka, then you probably don’t have a lot of personal money sitting around waiting to be spent. That being said, spending a little bit of money here and there can add up fast. After all, who wants to constantly disburse money to keep up with costs? The answer is nobody! This is where personal loans come in. These types of online loans are perfect for those who need some help covering short-term personal expenses or those who want to take advantage of other financial opportunities without having to commit to something more extended term. Personal loans are awesome because they allow you to ease some financial pressure while simultaneously providing access to resources that otherwise might not be accessible. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about this type of loan in Sri Lanka and how it can help you reach your financial goals, then keep reading! In this article, we'll cover everything from the pros and cons of taking out a personal loan online as well as details on how much the average person can expect to borrow and what other variables should be taken into account when making the decision.

What is a Personal Loan?

An individual loan in Sri Lanka is a type of an online loan designed for personal financial troubles. It's typically used to cover short-term expenses or to help an individual meet additional financial goals. Personal loans in Sri Lanka are often a good option for those who have credit issues or have been turned down by banks because they're a less formal form of borrowing.


  • There are many different types of fast personal loans, which makes it easy for borrowers to find one that will accommodate their needs.
  • For those with strong credit history, taking out a personal loan may help them rebuild damaged credit faster than they could with traditional methods.
  • Because of the lowest interest rates on personal loans than what you might be offered through your bank, borrowers avoid having to pay more money over time.
  • You can apply for this financial product online immediately.


  • For those with poor credit history, taking out a small personal loan online is a risky business and may lead to higher interest rates and more potential fees than traditional methods of borrowing.
  • Because personal loans are unsecured forms of debt and there is no insurance, if the borrower defaults on payments, then the lender has no recourse against them until the entire amount is paid back in full.

Important Terms to Know

Product / Start Term

10 Days Interest

20 Days Interest

30 Days Interest

Repeat Personal Loan 1.6

2.50 %

1.80 %

1.50 %

Repeat Personal Loan 1.4

1.80 %

1.30 %

1.20 %

Repeat Personal Loan 1.2

1.40 %

1.10 %

1.00 %

Repeat Personal Loan 1.1

1.20 %

1.00 %

0.90 %

Before we discuss personal loans in Sri Lanka, it's important to understand some of the more important terms that are typically associated with this type of online loan.

Credit rating: This is a rating out of 100 that rates how well you’ve managed your financial credit in the past. It can be used as a determining aspect when deciding whether or not to approve your application for a loan.

Approval process: This is the process by which lenders decide if they want to give you money. The general idea is that they need to be convinced that you’ll be able to pay back what you owe them before they give you their money

Borrowing limits: This refers to how much you can borrow over a certain amount of time, like one year or five years. For example, an individual might have a borrowing online limit of $10,000 for one year.

Monthly payments: These are the easy regular payments that borrowers make on their loans until the loan is paid in full. In addition, these payments will vary depending on whether or not borrowers have variable-rate loans or fixed-rate loans and how long they're planning on making personal monthly payments.

How to Get a Personal Loan

If you want to take out a personal loan online with the lowest interest, then you'll need to have a certain kind of credit rating in Sri Lanka. Before you can get a personal loan, your rating needs to be at least 650 and the total amount that you want to borrow needs to be between $1,000 and $50,000. Once these requirements are met, then it's just a matter of filling out an application online with the lender of your choice. The length of time it takes for the application process varies depending on which lender you choose as well as how much money you want to borrow. Usually, it takes one day to receive a personal advance.

Things to Look For When Borrowing

When you're looking to borrow money online, there are a few things you should keep in mind before taking the plunge.

  • First, understand that instant personal loans come with certain requirements and responsibilities. You'll have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for one including, but not limited to, your income and credit history.
  • Second, know that the lowest interest rates on these types of loans are typically higher than what you would get by borrowing from credit cards or other personal sources of financing.
  • Finally, be sure that you'll be able to afford the personal loan payments when they come due as this is something that will be considered during the lending process.

How to Take a Personal Loan WIthout Guarantors

Personal loans are an easy buzzy way to access money when you need it. You can take out an instant loan from a lender and repay it over time, or you can get a cash advance. But applying for a personal loan without guarantors is risky. Without guarantors, you’re taking on more risk because there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to pay back the loan if something happens to you, such as job loss. And even though personal loans with guarantors are more expensive, they’re still the best option if you don’t want to take on too much risk.

Should You Take Out A Personal Loan?

If you’re going to take out an instant personal loan, then you want to make sure that you’re making the best decision possible. This means taking into account all of the factors mentioned above as well as some other important personal questions. For instance, what is your personal financial situation like? What are your goals in taking out the loan? How much can you afford to spend on a personal loan? All these questions should be considered before deciding whether or not to take a loan. There are many benefits associated with taking out a quick personal loan.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Accessing funds quickly
  • Paying low interest only if required
  • No long-term commitment
  • Assistance with short-term financial needs


With so many financial alternatives out there, applying for a personal loan can seem overwhelming. But don't worry, we're here to help! Here's what you need to keep in mind before applying for the best personal loan.

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Please call us on the general line or send us an email with your concern.

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